Important: We are only able to offer Datacap NETePay to current AmigoPOS users. Please do not place an order for NETePay if you are not an AmigoPOS user with a valid AmigoPOS serial number.
In most cases it is not necessary to purchase NETePay. Contact your payment processor or merchant account provider to inquire about obtaining NETePay at low or no cost.

Datacap NETePay Each Additional Lane


  • Each additional pos station (except for the main pos station where NETePay is running) requires an additional lane license.

Datacap NETePay First Lane


  • A Datacap NETePay First Lane license is required at the main pos station only. Other pos stations require an 'Additional Lane' license.

Datacap DialLink Backup (optional)


  • The DialLink modem uses your phone line to process transactions when an internet connection is not available.
Purchase Information
Datcap NETePay is installed remotely at the main pos station using your internet connection. Installation is available 7/365 from 9AM to 5PM eastern time and will take 30-60 minutes to complete. After the order is placed, please call or fill out a support ticket and provide a date/time that a technician can connect remotely to install, activate and configure NETePay.
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Datacap NETePay First Lane
Check the box to select Datacap NETePay first lane which runs on the main pos station. One required for main pos station only.

  First Lane License

Datacap NETePay Additional Lanes
Specify the number of additional pos stations

Datacap DialLink Backup
Check the box to select Datacap DialLink Backup which runs on the same pos station as NETePay and provides fast dial-up service when an internet connection is not available. Currently available for Mercury Payment Systems, TSYS/Vital Processing Services, Paymentech Host and Terminal, Nova, FMDS North and for Heartland Payment Systems Exchange.

  Datacap DialLink Backup