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Features: Integrated Credit Card Processing

Amigo Pos includes the ability to interface seamlessly with ChargeItPro, Vantiv (formerly Mercury Pay), OpenEdge EdgeLink (formerly XCharge) or Datacap NETePay to process credit card transactions in as little as a few seconds using your existing internet connection or phone line.

Amigo Point Of Sale does not endorse any specific payment processor and does not maintain a relationship with or receive residuals from any payment processing company. Datacap NETePay (generally provided and installed by your merchant account provider) allows you to keep your existing credit card processor or to shop around for the best rates.

View help topic Click here to view the credit cards help topic

The following payment processing options are currently offered in AmigoPOS 8 at no additonal cost:

Credit card transactions are processed directly from the order entry screen, recall list or settle screen. Scroll down to view images of the typical transaction flow.

Alternately, you may choose to keep using your existing external credit card processing terminal. In that case, Amigo Point Of Sale will prompt the user to enter the gratuity amount when the order is settled, if applicable.


Datacap NETePay

NETePay is an EMV certified application that is developed and supported by Datacap and allows you to keep your existing merchant account. NETePay is installed on the main pos station only; other stations communicate with NETePay over the network. NETePay must be obtained separately from Amigo Pos.

BAC Credomatic

Both the point of sale and call center is certified for credit card processing with BAC Credomatic. BAC Credomatic is available for customers in Central and South America exclusively from LEXA S.A. (631) 947-4283

Processing Credit Card Transactions with AmigoPOS

Each pos station used to process credit card transactions must be configured to communicate with Datacap NETePay, even if Datacap NETePay is running on the same station. In addition, a compatible MSR (magnetic card reader) is required to swipe credit cards. Refer to the certified hardware page for a list of approved magnetic card readers. The following provides a brief description of a typical credit card transaction in a table service environment. Refer to the Amigo Pos user manual for detailed information regarding the different processing methods available.

Press the SETTLE CREDIT Button

To settle an order in Amigo Pos, select the credit card tender type on the ticket settlement screen (or press the CREDIT CARD button on the order entry screen for Quick Service or Fast Bar environments.

Amigo Point Of Sale credit card transaction screen

Review the information, including the amount to charge. If required, the amount may be changed by pressing the green button. Press the PRE AUTHORIZE button to continue.

Waiting for server to swipe the card

Swipe the card to continue. If the card does not swipe correctly, the card number and expiration date can be entered manually by pressing the blue KEYED ENTRY button.

Waiting for payment server to process the transaction

Wait a few seconds for Datacap NETePay to process the transaction and return the results to Amigo Pos If using a phone line and modem instead of IP (internet) processing, Datacap NETePay may take up to 30 seconds to process the transaction.

Datacap NETePay Transaction Results

After the transaction is processed successfully, a signature slip is autmatically sent to the local receipt printer if automatic signature slip printing has not been disabled in back office. If required, a duplicate receipt or signature slip can be printed by pressing the SIGNATURE SLIP button.

Credit Card Signature Slip

When the customer has entered the gratuity amount and signed the signature slip, return to Amigo Pos and select the ADD GRATUITY button.

Adding a gratuity to a preauthorized transaction

 Select the transaction from the list on the right or enter the transaction number.

Select the PreAuth/Sale or Enter the Transaction ID

Enter the gratuity amount and press the green button to complete (Capture) the PreAuth/Sale transaction.

Enter the Gratuity Amount

PreAuth transactions are not added to the settlement batch until the PreAuth is captured, even if the gratuity is zero. As an added safeguard, Amigo Pos will disable the RUN END OF DAY button until all PreAuths have been captured.

End of Day Disabled When Open PreAuths Exist

A duplicate transaction alert occurs when the same card is used to process a transaction for the same amount in the same batch. The cashier can override (force) the transaction if required.

Duplicate Transaction Alert

Transaction errors may be due to expired card, invalid card number entered using the on-screen keypad or insufficient funds.

Transaction Error