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Features: Web Orders

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The AmigoPOS online ordering service is a subscription based e-commerce solution based on ASP.Net Core, Web API and Bootstrap 4 that is fully integrated with AmigoPOS. Orders are received automatically at the pos station and both the customer receipt and prep ticket are printed with no user action required. Customer notifications can be sent via email or SMS directly from the pos and the order status is available after the customer logs in.

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The data service application runs at the main pos station and polls the cloud service for new orders at a predefined interval. New orders are automatically sent to thereceipt & prep printers and inventory is updated in real-time.

Web orders are added to the recall list with payment status and customer details. The order can be recalled and modified.

In contrast with orders at the pos, settled web orders remain on the recall list until the order is checked-in. Real-time updates can be sent to the web service by pressing the Web button under any web order on the recall list. The customer can also automatically receive updates via email and sms if specified during checkout.