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Daily Sales Receipt

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The daily sales receipt contains a summary of a sales totals, payment totals, sales tax, cash payouts, discounts and cash discrepancy items. These items are always in balance so that the receipt total is zero. Sales receipts are available in QuickBooks by selecting Company - Home Page or Company - Company Snapshot. Sales receipt are also available under Customers - Enter Sales Receipts.


Each sales receipt contains the customer, class (if used) and date. The date does not indicate the business day for the sales data, but the date that the receipt was created. Refer to the Memo field for the exact starting and ending Date/Time used to calculate the sales data.


The sales receipt displays a line item for each of the following Amigo Pos item types where sales are greater than zero for the specified business day:


Regular Menu Item
Regular Menu Optional
Miscellaneous Item
Retail Item
Bar Menu Item
Bar Menu Optional
Pizza Menu Item (Size, Style, Ingredient & Prep Item)
Gift Card Sales
Delivery Charge
Take Out Container
Bottle Deposit
Customer Account Payment




Sales receipt may be viewed by clicking Customers - Enter Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise Editions or by clicking the Sales Receipts shortcut in QuickBooks SimpleStart Edition.


QuickBooks Simple Start Sales Receipt Shortcut




Payment Type totals are also itemized, but the amount is always negative. Credit card sales are grouped by card type: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Other card type totals are displayed on the Unknown Card Type line. Unknown cards may include credit card transactions that are entered manually using the on-screen keypad, private label cards or some cards used in the United Kingdom.


The Sales Tax collected is shown on up to three separate lines, one for each sales tax group. Sales tax is not used in the Cash Over/Short calculation when VAT tax is used, since the tax is included in the price of the item. Refer to the QuickBooks item types help topic for additional information.


Cash Paid Out summary is also shown on a separate line and is a negative amount.


Discounts are totalled on a separate line as a positive amount.


The Cash Discrepancy is calculated as follows:


        Total Transactions - Total Sales + Discount Total + Paid Out Total


where Sales tax is added to total sales only if VAT tax is not used.



QuickBooks Sales Receipt



Sales receipt appear on the QuickBooks Company Snapshot only if the box is checked next to Add Sales Receipts to QuickBooks Receipts to Print list on the Amigo Pos QBI main settings screen. This setting is useful if printed copies are required on a daily basis.


QuickBooks Company Snapshot



The sales receipt is assigned a unique numeric id by QuickBooks and stored in the Amigo Pos QBI Summary Update Log. The sales receipt can be deleted in QuickBooks by clicking CTL-D, or can be deleted directly from the Amigo Pos QBI by checking the box next to the entry and clicking the red delete button at the top. Note that deleting a sales receipt directly in QuickBooks does not remove the receipt from the Amigo Pos QBI update log. Deleting the receipt in the Amigo Pos QBI removes it both from the Amigo Pos QBI update log and QuickBooks. Note that only the most recent 90 log entries are shown. Log entries can be deleted to reduce the size of the Amigo Pos database. After deleting log entries, compact the database to recover the space. A QB Receipt # of 0 indicates that no data was transferred on for the business day.




QuickBooks Update Log



All successful transfers will have a status code = 0. If an error occurs during the transfer process, the status code column contains a 4-digit number and the row is highlighted in red. Expand the row height to view the entire error description, or note the date/time of the error and refer to the status log for the QuickBooks XML response received after the error occurred. Most errors are caused by duplicate item names or missing item names. Refer to the troubleshooting help topic for a list of common errors.


QuickBooks Update Log


When automatic updating is disabled, the current days sales may be transferred by clicking the Transfer Current Business Day button at the bottom of the update log screen. Click Yes at the prompt to transfer the current day's sales activity.


If sales data exists that has not yet been transferred to QuickBooks, click the Manual Transfer tab to specify a date or date range to transfer. Note that each transfer may take up to 2 minutes and selecting to transfer a large number of days will require sufficient time to complete. Do not use or attempt to exit the Amigo Pos QBI while the transfer is taking place. The status log and toolbar will display frequent messages to indicate the current status of the transfer.


QBI Manual Transfer




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